10 under $20: Summer “Must Haves”

There are some things in life that that are just too fabulous to pass up. Here are a few of those fabulous things that you might want to add to your collection and you don’t have to think twice about the price because they are all under $20 each! Check them out, love them and get them for yourself.

  1. Rhinestone Toe-Ring Sandal ($19.20) – Finally, some bling-bling for your toes. Polish up your toes (hot pink is a great summer color) and rock these eye catching sandals!
  2. Straw Feather Fedora ($12.80) – Keep the summer sun out of your eyes and add some style to a blah outfit with this neutral fedora. Change out the feathers to match an outfit!
  3. 8 Bottle Butterfly Wine Rack ($13.98) – Have a few extra bottles of wine lying around? This wine rack is a great way to store them in style.
  4. Ruffle Sleeve Shirt ($10.99) – Simple, yet with a touch of flair. This shirt would look great with a colorful, chunky necklace. Add a tank that matches your necklace under the Ruffle Sleeve Shirt to tie it all together.
  5. Stone Chain Necklace ($6.80) – Trendy and clean cut. Spice up a shirt or dress this summer with this stoned beauty.
  6. Women’s Roll-Over Jersey Skirt ($15.00) – This is one of the most comfortable skirts that you will ever try on. It’s not too girly yet oh-so-comfortable. It’s also available in a ton of different colors!
  7. CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint ($5.00) – This lip tint will leave your lips feeling a bit cold and refreshing. Great for keeping fresh breath!
  8. Yoga Fold Over Pant ($14.99) – Whether your actually working out or just lounging around your pad, these pants are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off!
  9. Blu Bijoux Cabochon Rings ($12.00) – Yeah, I can’t pronounce it either…so it must be good! Right? Choose your color and accent an outfit!
  10. Metal Crackled Sandals ($19.80) – These neutral-colored sandals will go well with anything from skirts to jeans! They are the new “in” sandal for this summer.
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