BangBang Mongolian Grill Review

This evening to celebrate Robbie getting a job (well actually two part-time jobs) we decided to try out BangBang Mongolian Grill located on Mills Civic Parkway. BangBang, which is contemporary and clean cut, serves all-you-can-eat Asian stir-fry, appetizers, fajitas, salad and dessert. Did I mention that there’s also a full bar?

Since the restaurant just opened yesterday, I figured that the place would be packed. As we walked in at 6:00 p.m. there were a few tables occupied, but it wasn’t nearly as packed as I had imagined. After taking a few more steps into the restaurant I quickly noticed why the place wasn’t packed…it was 83 degrees in the building! Apparently (as the manager informed us), the 5 air conditioners that had recently been installed clearly weren’t enough to cool down the building, especially with a large grill in the middle. It seemed that all the cold air was being sucked up by the large exhaust fans above the grill, leaving excited customers sweating over their meals.

But lets move past the heat wave and get down to the food.

5 reasons why I enjoyed my trip to BangBang Mongolian Grill:

1. The mix of fresh ingredients, meats, fish, sauces and spices was really great. They had everything from shrimp to pineapple on the line and it was hard to take only one bowl up to the grill.

2. The selection of sauces, there are 25,  along with the BangBang suggested flavor combinations and dry spice section, there are 15, are awesome. The sauces are thick and flavorful. My advice is to start with just a little in your bowl, try it, and if you like the flavor combo, go back and get more. I’d also advise to go light on the spices. Even though they give you an entire spoon the scoop out the spices with – don’t fill it up! Just a tad of the spices that you like will suffice.

3. The wait staff was great and very helpful. There were a lot of people that came around to explain the heat, to make sure that we were enjoying our food and to make sure that we didn’t need anything else.

4. There’s a salad bar and a fajita bar with chips, hot dipping cheeze, guacamole, salsa and more. Recommendation: you have to try the Strawberry Vinaigrette dressing from the salad bar -it’s delicious!

5. The buffet line was always stocked and clean. The staff at BangBang was great at keeping all of the fresh veggies and meat bins full.

Overall, the prices between BangBang and HuHot are similar, the ingredients are comparable, but I think that BangBang has a few more options as far as spices, sauces and other options (fajitas and salad) are concerned.

Check out BangBang online: website, Twitter, Facebook.



  1. ellenheld

    Sounds tasty!

    I will have to go try it with my first paycheck of the summer!

    Got a favorite sauce combo?

    Do you know what their rules are on taking some home? I always find it SO hard to make buffets worth it.

    1. ekbeck

      It was really good and I reccommend giving it a try! The sauce that I tried had sesame oil, a garlic sauce and a few other things…but I can’t remember the name. I know it was one of the really basic sauces but I added some dry garlic and onion powders to give it a little more of a kick.

      This buffet is good because you can start out with a salad, you can try a fajita or some nachos and then you can have your main dish (it all comes included in your price for the meal). I didn’t ask about getting to-go box but I didn’t see anyone leave with one. But I do think it’s a pretty good deal with all of the options they have!

  2. steve

    I was in Bang Bang today and had an incredible lunch. The staff was friendly and the food was fresh and amazing. I really liked the atmosphere and the all you can eat fajitas. We had a waiter that told us that the restaurant has been really busy and they had a problem with the air conditioning – we were surprised that he mentioned it, because my wife was freezing! Come to find out that they had the air conditioner fixed and the place is chilled now.

    Great experience – loved everything offer, and will be a regular attendee.

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