The Dish on Dining Explained

After studying abroad in Seville, Spain I noticed how import food is in the every day lives of people, especially when it’s directly related to social interaction, friends and family. With this in mind, I’ve decided to create a weekly blog post simply devoted to “The Dish on Dining.”

“The Dish on Dining” will feature favorite local restaurants and give the inside scoop on where to find delicious food around the Des Moines area! I’ll eat my way through Des Moines as I take you with me to experience some of the stories, photos and great eats that I find along the way. I’m taking all the foot work out of finding great places to eat that will tantalize your taste buds, while not killing your pocket book.

Do you have any suggestions on where my next local stop should be? I’d love to hear your ideas. Post them below!

Until then, happy eating!

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  1. Emily

    One of my fav places to go is Splash downtown. They have a really affordable lunch menu and in walking distance to other fabulous places!

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