The Dish on Events: “Salvage Your Creativity”

Ru1desmoines was created by The Iowa Clinic Women’s Center as away to give back to young professional women in the Des Moines area. They decided to give back to the community by providing free, one-of-a-kind events for young professional women, such as cooking at Flarah’s, creating unique jewelry at Jasper Winery and learning the basics about wine at Sbrocco. Women are allowed to pick one of the three beginning events along with the Premiere Event on September 23 in the East Village, where local vendors, d’oeuvres, and cocktails will be available.

On Wednesday I attended, “Salvage Your Creativity,” at Jasper Winery as a part of the ru1desmoines series of events. The informational night was filled with great women, free t-shirts, Gateway Market grub, a wine tasting and we even got to make our own vintage jewelry with the help of Kelli Worth.

As Kelli explained to me, “I love old jewelry but it’s a pain to wear because it usually hurts.” For the past 4 years Kelli has been making vintage jewelry creations by recycling old broaches, keys, buttons, type writer keys, scrabble pieces, and more, and she offered up her expertise to help us make a few homemade creations of our own (the necklace I made is pictured to the left).

Later on in the night, Jean Groben, one of the owners of Jasper Winery, gave us a quick informational lesson about wine tasting and she shared a few different selections of her wine with us. Myfavorite is Jasper Winery’s All-Night White, a sweet and soft white wine with the flavors of grapes and honeysuckle, while Jean told me, “You know, I can’t say which one is my favorite. It would be like picking which one of your children you like the best!”

Here are a few wine tips from Jean, a local wine connoisseur:

  1. Cut the foil off the top of the bottle – unless the bottle has tabs that you can pull like Jasper Winery’s bottles do.
  2. Take your corkscrew and find the middle of the cork. If you don’t hit the center, you’ll likely end up breaking the cork or struggling to get the bottle opened. When you find the center of the cork, turn the corkscrew until you get to the lip of the bottle, push down and pop! Jean is a pro and made this look easy, but I’m assuming that this may take some practice.
  3. Swirl your wine in the glass – stabilizing your glass on the table while swirling and then lifting the glass in the air after you’ve got a good swirl going helps if you’re a newbie wine-o. Swirling the wine helps it breathe and it releases the aromas of the wine – also called volatizing the esters.
  4. Stick your nose in the glass and take a big whiff to get a good smell of the wine.
  5. Now it’s time to taste. Take a sip!

Thanks to The Iowa Clinic, Jasper Winery and ru1desmoines for creating and supporting this event for local young professional women. I really enjoyed the event and I left Jasper Winery feeling informed and a bit spoiled! How you been to an ru1desmoines event or tried Jasper’s wine? What did you think?

P.S. – Check out what my Dove candy wrapper said that night. What a coincidence!

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