The Dish on Networking: YPC’s “Media Madness”

Last Thursday Young Professionals Connection (YPC) hosted yet another great networking opportunity, this time in the form of a Lunch and Learn at the Greater Des Moines Partnership entitled “Media Madness.”

The event featured local media professionals, Todd Razor with the Business Record, Colleen Kelly with STAR 102.5’s Big Ken and Colleen in the Morning, Brianne Sanchez with and Dave Price with WHOTV Channel 13.

The panelists, who have diverse backgrounds in print, radio, web and TV, shared with the 40 + attendees how they became connected to Des Moines and to the media industry, they gave advice on how to connect with other media professionals in the Des Moines area and shared their perspectives on how the internet and social networking sites have changed they way they do their jobs. It was interesting to me to hear the experiences of the panelists on how technology has and is changing the face of journalism and news programming.

If you missed the event, or you’d like a little refresher, here are a few of my favorite quotes/advice from the panelists:

  • “Ask about the production schedule for their publication. At Juice we plan four weeks in advance.” – Brianne Sanchez
  • “Observe, listen and ask follow up questions.” – Colleen Kelly
  • “I’m not a publicist, I’m a journalist. The bigger part of my job is cutting through all of the noise.” – Todd Razor
  • “Don’t send a press release about a meeting you had last week. There’s no way we are going to use that.” – Dave Price
  • “The more you know about us, the better position you’ll be in.” – Todd Razor
  • In regards to sending press releases: “Don’t put ‘for immediate release’ in subject line.” – Brianne Sanchez
  • “It helps if you can make what you want to promote more appealing to a mass audience. It has to be a win-win for everyone involved. Find the angle and be able to sell it to us.” – Colleen Kelly
  • “Know who your sources are and use them.” – Todd Razor
  • “It’s all about developing a relationship.” – Colleen Kelly
  • “If you can stay persistent, you’ll be much better off.” – Dave Price
  • “I’m a big social networking guy. I use it to build relationships and to get story ideas.” – Todd Razor
  • “Social media is so rewarding because you get that two-way feedback, but it comes with the good and the bad.” – Dave Price
  • “You have to be unique and you have to be willing to take risks. People are going to love you or hate you.” – Colleen Kelly

Also, you can view a few pictures of the panelists and attendees from “Media Madness” on YPC’s website.

Make sure that you check out the next YPC networking event, “YPC Morning Meet-up,” on August 4, to network with young professionals and to learn more about Impromptu Studios, a coworking community in downtown Des Moines!

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  1. Alysse


    I love your blog. And I will definitely be reading it more when I get back to Des Moines. Great job with all of this! I love your ideas and the fact that they span such a variety of topics.

    Have a happy day!

    1. ekbeck

      Thanks, Alysse! I appreciate the positive feedback. I hope your summer is going well and we’ll have to get lunch sometime when you get back to Des Moines!

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