First Bocce Ball Event a Success

When Jordan Lampe decided he wanted to create the Des Moines Bocce Ball Social Club League as a unique way to bring people together he never thought that his idea would blow up like it did. After a few mentions on Twitter, his idea had exploded and planning began on the first event, which as held on Tuesday at Jasper Winery, the DMBSCL’s home venue.

Over 2o people came to the inaugural event for DMBBSCL. It was a hot night but everyone was able to cool off with some cold Jasper beverages while playing a few pick up games of bocce ball. The rules are simple and all you need is a set of bocce balls and an even number of players to have a good time.

So what’s the best part about DMBBSCL? I think Jordan put it best on the DMBSCL’s blog when he wrote, “What we are is an opportunity to explore and appreciate the ambiance that is Des Moines. The Club is a chance to make great friends and open new connections, while providing a venue for the competitive spirit (if you so choose). We and our partners are here to facilitate the cultural renaissance we see emerging in this city and support the people that have become the catalyst for change. We want to represent this revolution, while including as many people as possible, and perhaps throw a few balls along the way.”

Moral of the story: If you are looking for a group of relaxed people who like to enjoy leisure sports or if you just want to socialize with some of Des Moines finest, make sure you visit the DMBBSCL’s blog to check out the upcoming events.

Take a look at some pictures of the first event at Jasper Winery by the resident photographer for the night, Emilee Richardson.

For humorous banter follow: @DSMBocceBall

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  2. Mike Templeton

    It was great to finally meet you in person, and who’d have guessed it would be over a few tosses of a bocce ball? I had a blast meeting everyone and enjoying the casual vibe of the game. I’m really looking forward to our next bocce night!

    1. The Dish on Des Moines

      It was great to meet you as well, Mike. To be completely honest with you, I had never played bocce ball before that night. It’s such a great social game though. Hope to see you at the next DSM Bocce Ball event!

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