DSM GuacUp: A Tasty Guacamole-style Tweetup

Last week I was inspired by my first encounter with Dos Rios’ fresh guacamole and the overwhelming response (via Twitter) on how much it’s loved by Des Moines-ians, so I decided to create the DSM GuacUp. The DSM GuacUp will be held on Wednesday, September 1 at Dos Rios Cantina & Tequila Lounge (316 Court Avenue in Des Moines) from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

The DSM GuacUp…what kind of ridiculous name is that? Well, for starters, the name is a mix between guacamole and tweetup. Since I’ve never been able to attend a Des Moines area tweetup, I decided that I needed to create one to pair Dos Rios’ fresh, delicious guacamole and networking with those that I talk to virtually. To me it seems like a great way to close the summer while meeting some cool tweeps along the way! To be completely honestly with you, I wasn’t a huge fan of guacamole until I tried it at Dos Rios and I’ve been craving it ever since. For those non guac-ers out there (after you at least try the guacamole), there are also a few good salsa options available as well. So, the event is open to everyone whether they are a fan or not of our green friend the avocado.

What exactly is a tweetup? A tweetup is a chance for people who use Twitter to meet up and connect in person. One of the biggest complaints about social media networking is that it forces people to only connect virally and not socially. Therefore, a tweetup is a great chance to give those who may have only met over the Internet a chance to meet in person and a chance to put a face behind the @name.

If you want to attend the DSM GuacUp, make sure that you RSVP here: http://twtvite.com/dsmguacup. Otherwise, we will see you at the event on September 1!

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