DSM: SUSHIBOMB – An explosive experience!

Although the sun wasn’t shining and the weather wasn’t warm, the spirit of the sushi lovers that attended the inaugural DSM: SUSHIBOMB event, hosted by Lessing-Flynn, warmed up Jasper Winery on Sunday afternoon. Over 200 people attended the event to celebrate sushi, to enjoy a few beverages and to socialize with others.

For only $40, participants received 12 pieces of sushi, two drinks, sauce dish, chopsticks, t-shirt (super comfortable), goodie bag with literature and coupons, and entertainment by Decoy, a local Des Moines band.

Each sushi station offered different types of sushi, which gave each sushi lover a well-rounded, palette pleasing experience. The sushi connoisseurs who provided the fishy fare were: Waterfront Seafood Market, Taki Japanese Steakhouse, Hoshi and Samurai.

There was everything from the Iowa roll (white fish tempura, eel, cream cheese, crab meat, avocado and masago with rice and seaweed) to the Chuck Norris roll (tuna, crab, mango, tempura, topped with sauce and roe) offered at the DSM:SUSHIBOMB. Some rolls were refreshing, while some had quite a bit of kick to them, but all were freshly prepared.

The Asian-inspired center pieces, sponsored by Boesen the Florist, were creative, high quality in design and provided an additional Asian flair to the event, while the adult beverages provided by Jasper Winery paired nicely with the sushi pieces.

It was my first time! Many may think I’m crazy, but I tried sushi for the first time at the DSM: SUSHIBOMB. I know, I know – it was a bold move but I figured if I was going to try sushi this event would be the best place to start. So, what’s my honest opinion of sushi? I love watching how it’s made, I love the culture that comes with it…but I’m not a huge fan. For me, it’s a texture thing. But don’t get me wrong, the DSM:SUSMIBOMB was a great place to try sushi and needless-to-say, this won’t be my first and last experience with sushi just yet!

My suggestions for next year… (so excited that this will be an annual event!)

  1. Make the food and drink voucher into a nametag-esk piece on a lanyard, so participants hands are free when they’re going through the line.
  2. Bigger plates! Since the lines were a little long, it’d be nice to have bit bigger plates to make it easier to grab a few extra pieces the first time around.
  3. The signs above the stations were great to provide what each sushi partner was providing, but it would be nice to have smaller signs next to the different pieces (especially for newbies like myself), to know which piece is which.
  4. Call Mother Nature ahead of time…

Overall, the first DSM:SUSHIBOMB was a raving success and a well put together event. Thanks to Lessing-Flynn for caring about culture in Des Moines and for putting together a creative, spunky marketing campaign/event to go along with it!

Check out a few photos that I look at the event below and feel free, as always, to leave a comment!

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  1. Pete Jones

    Thanks for the pics! As someone who is getting married in a few weeks, and cannot afford $80 for a meal, I appreciate the pics to give me perspective. Looks like a fantastic event.

  2. atenclay

    Bold move to make this your first sushi taste testing! Nice work, Emily. Looks like it was an awesome event. Thanks for the recap for those that couldn’t make it!

  3. Chris

    I’m glad I could be a part of you maiden sushi voyage (next time no bartering sushi for drinks, but I like where you head is at). I’m surprised I was able to wait as long as I did to eat, espcially when I was serving it to people. @DSMSushiBomb rocked, this blog rolled and I look forward to more sushi and @ekbeck blogs, #imafanofboth #musictomyears

  4. joshuafleming

    Emily, thanks for blogging about this. We were so glad you took the plunge! Great pics too – maybe you can photograph Pete Jones’ wedding.

  5. Sarah Chestnut (Urban 515)

    This was only my third time trying sushi! I’m still a little squeamish on the texture, so I stuck with the more traditional rolls 🙂 But I think it’s growing on me… my favorite by far was the Chuck Norris role. Pretty sure I went back for thirds! Love the pictures you got from the event!

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