Man vs. Food takes on Des Moines

It’s crazy how things happen when you are the right place at the right time. A few months ago after the Young Professionals Connection marketing committee meeting, a few of the committee’s members, myself included, decided to go to Jethro’s BBQ near Drake University to grab a bite to eat. As we pulled up to the restaurant we could tell that something was going on that night…and as we looked closer we found the answer.

We had accidentally run into the taping of the Des Moines episode of Man v. Food! While we were unable to get into the restaurant that night, I was really excited to see that Des Moines was finally getting recognized as a great place for good eats.

As Chris Juhl, Social Media Specialist with Jethro’s BBQ explains, “We are very proud to be a part of such a successful show, that has decided to highlight our hometown and all that it has to offer. This is a great opportunity for us and we hope the rest of the area gets a bump from the recognition Man v. Food can offer the city.”

The Des Moines episode of Man v. Food will air this Wednesday on the Travel Channel at 8:00 p.m. To celebrate this event, in Des Moines, the High Life Lounge is offering an order of free bacon wrapped tator tots from 7-9 p.m to you and your friends and Jethro’s BBQ will have their regular Mug Club night, and they are reserving tables for parties of eight or less, but one person in the party has to attempt the Emmenecker Challenge.

Man v. Food’s host, Adam Richman, is a major foodie with a serious appetite who travels around the United States taking on the biggest and best food challenges. So you may be asking yourself – what foods and establishments brought Richman to the heart of Iowa? Here they are:

The High Life Lounge – Adam enjoyed real mid-west comfort food at the High Life Lounge, where he indulged in juicy broasted chicken and bacon wrapped tater tots topped with cheese.

Black Market Pizza (in Ames) – Adam experienced the Reuben pizza, a favorite sandwich turned into pizza. This pizza is sweet potato-crusted and topped with sliced corned beef, Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese, a secret ingredient, and sauerkraut.

Jethro’s BBQ – Adam took on the Adam Emmenecker Challenge. This challenge is named after local sports hero, Adam Emmenecker, and weighs five pounds! The challenge consists of a deep fried pork tenderloin, two buffalo chicken tenders, a cheeseburger, bacon, brisket, two fried cheddar cheese cubes, and is smothered in white cheddar sauce. Adam will have only 15 minutes to take on the challenge, and only two who’ve attempted in the past have succeeded. Which Adam – Emmenecker or Richman – will win this challenge?

Make sure you watch the episode (I’ve had it set to record on my DVR for a week) and support Des Moines! If you want to be active in the conversation on FB or on Twitter – make sure you post pictures or send tweets during the show: @MmmJethros, @JethrosBBQDrake, @JethrosJakes, and @ManVFood, High Life Lounge,  @JethrosBBQDrake and Man vs Food.

Also, check out this awesome slide show of photos from when Adam visited Des Moines!

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