My 2011 New Year’s Goal

It’s a tradition that happens every 365 days. Here we go again….a new year and another new resolution to be made. What habit should I kick this year? What can I do to improve myself? I think I’ll lose weight, volunteer more, manage my stress, and pay off my student loans…all at once. Now, let’s be serious. All of these resolutions are going to last a few weeks and then I’ll be waiting until 2012 to set them again.

I’ve heard too many times that people want to resolve to spend more time with friends and family, quit smoking, and to manage debt…and I’m not sold on making resolutions. This year, I’ve decided to ditch the new year’s resolution talk and I’ve decided to make a new year’s goal. Having a goal acknowledges that nothing will happen over night and that I’m going to constantly be working to achieve my goal. Therefore, my 2011 goal is (drum roll, please)… to run five 5K’s around the Des Moines area. To some this may sound easy, and to some this may sound crazy…but for me, it’s going to be a challenge. Running has never been something that I’ve been good at, or that I’ve enjoyed.

So why set this as your 2011 goal? I’ve decided to choose five races around the Des Moines area that support different causes and great organizations all while challenging myself to improve my health and to learn about something new – running.

I need your help! If you know of any 5K runs around the greater Des Moines area that you’d recommend or if you have any tips for a newbie runner, please post them in the comments below!

And for all of you making a new year’s goal or resolution remember: if you slip, it’s okay. We are all human. Forgive yourself and keep working on your goal!


  1. Lindsay

    I think that’s a great goal! I’m in your same shoes – pun intended 🙂 I’ve never liked or been a runner either. I’ve tried and then stopped I don’t know how many times. If you need info on upcoming races in Des Moines or new shoes, definitely check out Fitness Sports in Windsor Heights. They have a great website and the people who work there are experts and will find you the best shoe. Good luck!

    1. Emily Beckmann

      Thanks, Lindsay! It’s going to be a journey, but I think that it will be a good goal for me. And thanks for the inside tip on checking out Fitness Sports. I’ve already heard a lot of great things about them and I’ll have to give them a try!

  2. Amy

    Emily — Congrats on the 2011 resolution. There are a ton of 5K (and longer) runs around the metro supporting great organizations.

    Here’s a list of a few 5Ks around town that come to mind:
    -April: Friendly Sons of St. Patrick (WDM) and AIDS Walk/Run (DM)
    -May: CARE 5K Run (Waukee) for Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness, Run for Ronald (Miracle League Field, DM), and Iowa Cubs Fun Run (DM)
    -June: Run to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer (WDM)
    -September: BeaverDash (DM) for families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, StepOut Run (DM) to fight Diabetes
    -October: Walk for Wishes (WDM) supporting Make-A-Wish, Susan G Komen 5K (DM)

    Also, don’t forget about the 15% discount at Fitness Sports for YPC members when you go shopping for shoes! Best of luck and see you out there!

  3. juliecache

    I second the St. Pat’s run. And I ran for FREE with my brother in the Iowa Remembrance Run — August, super-hot that day, but the opening ceremony was like no other. Very moving. The Remembrance Run is also the only 5K I have witnessed that truly has ALL KINDS of people participate — not strictly fitness runners. people in full uniforms and backpacks, moms with strollers, someone with a walker, teams of family members of servicemen and women. a VERY cool experience. For links to free group runs, check my article to find david krohse’s links to running.

  4. atenclay

    I’m thinking about doing the Susan G. Komen race this year. Not sure if I’ll run or walk. 🙂 Maybe we can do it together?

    And I think this is a great goal! You go girl!

  5. Ashley

    I am planning on doing five 5K’s this year and then hopefully try a Triathlon next year. This will be the first time I have done anything like this ( I recently lost 70 lbs) so I have been looking at local events also. I appreciate the tips on local events! And although it is not a 5K, I am doing to try this one also:
    2011 Fight for Air Climb on March 27th in downtown Des Moines.

    Good luck to you!

    1. Emily Beckmann

      That sounds great, Ashley! Maybe I’ll run into you at a few of the different 5k’s. Have you found any 5K’s that you’re going to do? Also, I’ve had friends participate in the Fight for Air Climb and they had a good experience. Good luck!

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