It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s Superman…in Des Moines?

If you can get your hands on the newest Superman comic book…look closely. Within the first couple of pages you’ll spot the legendary “man of steel” in front of some of Des Moines’ landmarks. The newest edition of the Superman comic book, issue 707, is out and the artwork features several popular landmarks in Des Moines, including the Iowa State Capitol Building and 801 Grand.

In recent editions of the comic book, Superman has become more “grounded.” The story line has Superman traveling across the country, a good portion of the time on foot, as he tries to find himself and tries to reconnect with people that he’s protected in the past.

Issue 707 includes Superman stopping a malfunctioning helicopter from crashing into 801 Grand, which as the text bubble states is “the tallest building in Iowa.” (As seen in the picture above.)

I called a local comic book store, Mayhem Comics and Games, and they are currently soldout, which seems to be the case around town. Although, the store is planning on getting a new shipment in soon…so be on the look out! Each comic book is selling for only $3.00.

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