Have you met The Nadas?

I sing in my car, while I cook and in the shower. I’m a huge fan of music. And what’s better than local, homegrown talent? Nothing…which is why I must introduce you to The Nadas. The local quintet was formed in 1995 and started out as a college hobby for the band’s members, but The Nadas’ talent and hard work didn’t go unnoticed. In the late 90’s their popularity slowly grew throughout the Midwest and then throughout the country. The band has sold over 125,000 records and in 2001 Playboy Magazine even called them the “Best College Band You’ve Never Heard Of.”

The band is composed of Jason Walsmith (vocals and guitar), Mike Butterworth (vocals and guitar), Jon Locker (bass), Jason Smith (drums and vocals) and Becca Smith (violin and vocals) and has a unique sound that mixes country, rock, alternative, and indie music styles.

If you have yet to hear this local band, you are in luck. The Nadas are playing a ‘residency’ at the Vaudeville Mews in downtown Des Moines every Wednesday in February. The doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and The Nadas will hit the stage at 7:00 p.m. For only $10 you can bring a date, bring your kids or come to meet some other music aficionados at this fun, intimate venue.

“As a central Iowa native, I’ve grown up with The Nadas,” said Emma Peterson, marketing and social media strategist for Authentic Records. “I think of the band as such an important part of the Des Moines music scene. In many ways I’ve watched their record label (Authentic Records), the band itself, and their partnerships within the community pave the way for a lot of positive change and good music within our community. Their Vaudeville Mews Residency is a chance to celebrate their Des Moines roots.”

Did you say free? The Nadas are running a few contests via their social networks over the next couple of weeks. The next big contest that’s coming up, in cooperation with Dos Rios, Vaudeville Mews and The Lift, will land you a very Des Moines-style package. The contest will be held on February 17 and the winner of the contest will receive a “Nada Nother Night Out” package which includes: one $60 gift card to Dos Rios, two tickets to The Nadas residency show on February 23, and two martinis at The Lift (for after the show). But don’t get bummed out if you don’t win on the 17th. The Nadas will be running other ticket contests throughout the month. All of these contests will be run through The Nadas’ Facebook page and Twitter account, so make sure you add these pages for a chance to win!

MORE free stuff: Also, to get everyone pumped up for their residency they are offering “All I Want Is You,” a track off their latest album, Almanac, for free at the Authentic Records Online Store!

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  1. Pam Livingston

    Enjoyed reading your write up about the Nada’s. I heard them this summer when visiting my family in Des Moines (Saylor township) Nada’s were playing at the Ankeny Summerfest and I joined my sister and brother-in-law who are fans. Interesting to know a little more about them and the background.

    I’m a native of Iowa and proud of my Iowa heritage. I always like to hear of local talent.

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