VineMe lauches today, aspires to be “the timeline for the world”

What do you get when you mix a world champion speed skater, the top dog at Dwolla, an exuberant ginger with social media prowess, and an eloquent communicator with programming talent? The answer: VineMe, a Des Moines-based photo-sharing and archiving website with the goal of being the “timeline for the world.”

VineMe is a new social platform that allows users to upload photos and sort them by time, location, tags and people. Each search word brings up its own vine and showcases content on a timeline, which allows a visual archive of time. So, what makes VineMe different from the other photo sharing platforms?

“VineMe lets users define what’s good content,” said Josh Fleming, one of VineMe’s founders. “For example, with VineMe users can define what the word ‘beauty’ means. Because the users are able to control these definitions, it gives real meaning to the words and photo tags.”

VineMe was founded by Josh Fleming, interactive marketing director at Lessing-Flynn, Tony Muse, a Des Moines Remax agent, and Chris Taulborg, director of business development at Global Reach.  Founder and CEO of Dwolla, Ben Milne, serves VineMe as an outside advisor.

Where’d the idea come from?

While fishing through boxes of disorganized family photos Muse had the idea of creating a site that would put photos on a timeline. As Muse thought more and more about his idea, he knew that this was an idea that he had share. Over breakfast at La Mie, Muse explained his idea (what would become VineMe) to Fleming. Immediately, both of the men knew they had hit gold. Over time and a lot of coffee at Mars Cafe, Muse and Fleming began hashing out their idea with the help of Milne. The trio sought out Taulborg for their programming and web development needs and before they knew it, their ideas for VineMe came to life.

“We originally wanted to name the site, but of course that was taken,” said Fleming. “The naming process was difficult, but eventually we landed on VineMe. We really embraced the idea of how a vine grows and how a healthy vine can go on forever. Personally, I like that the name can be used as a catch phrase – ‘Dude, I’m totally vining right now,’ or ‘Let’s put those pictures up on the vine.’”

A picture from my DSM: SUSHIBOMB vine on

Chances are these four men may never have had the opportunity to work with each other, but because of their varied skill sets, an amazing idea and the drive to create an exceptional product – they’re launching VineMe today.

“VineMe is beyond ready,” said Fleming. “It’s a really bold initiative, but if I was going to spend a lot of time on something I wanted it to be bigger than myself. How can I make people think? What will challenge them to take a look at things differently?”

The best way to learn about VineMe is by registering for the site (it’s free to use), by uploading your own photos to a vine, and by sharing them with the world. Search through people’s vines for inspiration, learn about the history of Des Moines, create tags of your own and jar some memories from the past – it’s all possible on VineMe.

You can also find VineMe on these social platforms:
Twitter – @Vine_Me
Facebook –
YouTube –

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