Vote for Des Moines Social Club’s $50K idea via Pepsi Refresh

Des Moines Social Club (DMSC), a non-profit organization that “uses arts as a catalyst to create unprecedented community engagement,” has been selected as a part of the Pepsi Refresh Project.

The Pepsi Refresh Project’s goal is to award $20 million in grants to support local businesses, non-profit organizations and even individuals who have ideas that are creating a positive impact on the world. These organizations submit their community-changing ideas, and Pepsi chooses a select few that are voted upon. The projects with the most votes at the end of the voting period wins. Each month, up to $1.125 million in grants can be awarded, and the Des Moines Social Club is in the running to receive $50,000 of the grant money.

What would the $50,000 grant support?
The $50,000 would support the organization’s weekly programming (which fosters the art, culture and theater scenes in Des Moines) and the necessary funding to create a permanent residence for the Club.

How does the Des Moines Social Club win the $50,000?
By getting a large number of votes during the month of May. Here’s how to vote:

  1. Log on to the Pepsi Refresh website.
  2. Create an account (they’ll ask for your name, e-mail, and birth date) or login using your Facebook account.
  3. Vote! During the month of May you can vote once per day for the DMSC.
  4. Bonus points: Vote and share your experience on your social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, ect.!

It’s that simple!

So, why should I vote for the Des Moines Social Club?
“We do a lot,” said Jessica Miller Director of Marketing for the Des Moines Social Club. “Where else can you watch a play, drink a beer, buy local art, compete in trivia, perform, play ping pong, see a live talk show, take a class, laugh at improv, hear a concert, and network — all under one roof? We are not a real club. Everyone is welcome. We definitely filled a void in the community. We gave people a space and it organically became a success.”

A vote for the Des Moines Social Club is a vote for Des Moines. To Miller, it’s a no-brainer why someone should vote.

“Number one, it’s easy. Number two, none of your pocket is required and number three, every vote matters.”

Have you voted to refresh Des Moines yet?

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