Dwollapalooza held thanks to Zaarly connections

Two great things about Des Moines, the startup community and the local music scene, collided last night at Dwolla headquarters thanks to Tikly, Dwolla, Zaarly and Jason Walsmith of The Nadas.

A listing was put up on Zaarly, a website that helps you buy and sell things from the people around you, by Jason Walsmith of The Nadas offering live entertainment. Dwolla, a Des Moines-based startup company, decided to jump at the chance of a personal concert with Jason Walsmith. After a blog post by Dwolla, a few pushes on Twitter and Facebook, and only a few hours,  Dwollapalooza was born. Dwollapalooza was held yesterday from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. at Dwolla’s office in downtown Des Moines.

“I think Zaarly offers a very interesting way to make connections between artists and people who love music,” said Emma Peterson, communications director at Authentic Records. “What I’m excited about is the ability to add a gig at a non-traditional show time. Or, let’s say you want to have a party on Friday and would love to have some talent present. Zaarly some live music, you never know who may have a few hours free and would be happy to play your living room. The potential for Zaarly and the music scene blows my mind.”

At Dwollapalooza Walsmith performed for an audience of 20 + people for around 45 minutes. The concert was soo personal that Walsmith interacted with the crowd, took song requests and even joked that it was his first time playing in the Midland Building, his first time playing surrounded by Dwolla’s idea-filled white boards and one of the most intimate performances that he’s ever given.

“I thought Zaarly sounded cool, and seemed like another way to connect with fans in a surprising and barrier-breaking way,” said Walsmith. “My favorite part about Dwollapalooza was the spontaneity of the whole thing. With a few key strokes we booked a gig and created a buzz that rippled through our social media circle of friends and beyond exponentially.”

With the power of social media, the talent of a great local musician, the willingness of Dwolla to provide the show and the concept of Zaarly, Dwollapalooza was a success.

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