Dam to Dam takes Des Moines: Race #2

It was nearly 85 degrees, we started 20 minutes late and I was surrounded by thousands of other nervous runners, but running the Dam to Dam 5K was an experience that I’ll never forget. Dam to Dam is the largest 20 kilometer race in the nation and the largest 5 kilometer race in Iowa, and it was held this past Saturday, June 4 in Des Moines.

With nearly 12,000 runners, 10,000 spectators, 260 portable toilets, 6,000 gallons of water, 1,000 gallons of beer, 10 bands, and 140 school buses, Dam to Dam is a race that represents the solid running community in Des Moines and in Iowa.

As one of the 5K runners I ran in the streets of downtown Des Moines, through the East Village, by the Botanical Center, alongside the river and back towards Nolan Plaza. The race route was a Des Moines-lovers dream, and the community I became a part of by running Dam to Dam was an experience in itself.

Sometimes it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about finishing something that you’ve set out to do. And with Dam to Dam, it was exactly that for me. Dam to Dam helped me inch closer toward my 2011 New Year’s goal of running five 5K’s in 2011, as it was the second local race that I have run. After 3.1 miles in the 80-some degree weather, I was happy to cross the finish line as a participant in this classic Des Moines race.

What goals have you set out to accomplish this year?

(A special thanks to Danny Rothschild for supplying the photos in this post.)

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