Kickin’ Queso Blanco at Chisme

Chisme is a Spanish word meaning gossip or rumors and it is also the name of a local restaurant located on 5th Street in Valley Junction.

Chisme’s menu offers a unique range of Mexican and Italian dishes.  From the Al Pastor Pizza, a pizza topped with marinated pork, cheese and green sauce, to the Super Taco Plate, three tacos with your choice of meat and all the fixings, the dishes are flavorful and fresh.

Almost every time I visit a Mexican restaurant I end up ordering the queso blanco (white cheese dip). I don’t know what it is about the dip…but it’s addicting. While dining at Chisme the tradition continued.

Chisme’s chips and queso were not the normal Mexican chips and dip. The chips were warm, homemade and fresh. The queso offered a spicy kick with full flavor. These were, by far, the best chips and queso I’ve ever eaten! Seriously, if you have a hankering for chips and queso, you need to try the appetizer at Chisme. But here’s your warning: other chips and queso won’t compare. You’ll find yourself craving the queso from Chisme.

Chef Jesus Ojeda, a past Marine, culinary school graduate and ex-school bus driver, has really found a way to harness his passion for cooking.

Most diners will be surprised by the prices on the menu because they are a little higher than the average Mexican restaurant. But keep in mind that Chisme is a local, more authentic Mexican/Italian restaurant, the ingredients are fresh and homemade, and the food we tried was just plain good.

Twitter: – @ChismeDSM

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  1. JES

    I wandered into Chisme knowing nothing about it a few weeks after moving here in November, had this very dish with a decent glass of Grenache, and was smitten. Their Shrimp Enchiladas are equally divine, and recommended. Good stuff!

    1. Author
      Emily Beckmann

      The same thing happened to us when we ended up at Chisme. We intended to try out Cooper’s (which is a couple doors down), but when it was too busy we landed at Chisme. We had a great experience! Welcome to Des Moines and thanks for the comment.

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