La Mie Offers Top-Notch, Reasonably Priced Breakfast and Lunch Options

Gently sliced avocado placed on a bed of cream cheese and pesto sandwiched between artisan bread. Lunch at La Mie is served.

La Mie, a local bakery and cafe nestled in the Roosevelt shopping center, might be my favorite lunch spot in Des Moines. Honestly, everything I’ve tried on the menu has been top-notch, fresh and well worth the money. Owners Joe and Christina Logsdon have created a modern, energetic spot and I can’t keep it off my radar.

The salads are crisp and refreshing, the fruit is plump and sweet, the breads are incredibility flaky, and the desserts – don’t even get me started on how divine those are! But put all the high-quality foods and pastries aside – the prices are what are really exceptional. Only $5 for a made-from-scratch buttery croussiat fulled with tarragon chicken salad with cranberries, walnuts and celery? Yes, please. (Check out La Mie’s full menu here.)

If you haven’t been to La Mie for lunch or breakfast (or both!)- you are doing yourself a disservice. It’s the perfect spot to grab a fruit danish on the way to work and/or the perfect place for a nice lunch meeting in the afternoon. La Mie is one of my “go to” lunch spots in Des Moines.

My favorite lunch items at La Mie: La Mie has some great veggie options, such as the Avocado Sandwich (I hold the sprouts) and the gooey Grilled Brie and Provolone Sandwich. (If you’re a meat eater the chicken salad is good!) I usually go with house salad with almonds, cranberries, carrots, and feta or the fresh fruit for a side dish. The fruit side is not your typical lame fruit side. More than likely you’ll receive a mixture of fresh strawberries, pineapple, and blackberries – and probably a few other seasonal fruits that are juicy and flavorful. My favorite desserts at La Mie are the french macarons, the chocolate carmel tarte (pictured below) or the almond bar.

A few tips: If you’re going for lunch make sure you arrive a few minutes early. At about 11:40 p.m. a hefty lunch rush hits and sometimes it’s hard to find a table. Also, ample parking can be found in the back of the building if there’s nothing available in front of the store.

La Mie’s Hours: Monday – Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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