+39 Restaurant Offers Authentic Italian Food, Excellent Service

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  • Location: 2640 Stange Road, Ames, Iowa 50010. Visit: http://www.plus39italian.com for more information.

I’m a huge fan of hand-tossed pasta, fresh bread and a nice glass of wine. During one of our lasts visits up to Ames we decided to try +39 Restaurant, Market and Cantina, a new authentic Italian restaurant.

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking… +39, that’s an odd name. The name is a playful reference to the country of Italy, as +39 is the country code for Italy.

The atmosphere at +39 is classy, clean and modern. The space is broken up into four main areas: the main dining area, a large bar, a cantina with a fireplace and couch-like seating which features nearly 200 different Italian wines, and a market with fresh deli sandwiches and salads, gelato, and specialty Italian products (sauces, pasta, oils, spices and more).


To jumpstart our meal we tried the Cavolini (aka brussels sprouts), which was the best dish I’d eaten all week all month. The brussels sprouts were crisp on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside (not mushy). But what really made the brussels sprouts pop was the truffle aioli, pancetta and parmesan. My mouth is watering just thinking about this appetizer. For only $6, treat yourself to this appetizer.

For the main course we stuck with a couple of the authentic pasta dishes. We tried the “Cacio e Pepe,” which is a combination of spaghetti, olive oil, imported cacao cheese and black pepper, and the “Pappardelle Bolognese,” a beef and pork ragu with pasta, tomato and red wine sauce.



Our dishes were packed with fresh, high-quality ingredients and +39’s prices were very reasonable. Pasta dishes and sandwiches range from $8 – $12 (during lunch) and were well worth the money.

Our waitress was knowledgeable and walked us through the menu, since it was our first time at the restaurant. I asked a lot of questions and she fielded them well.

As we were enjoying our meal one of the owners, Alessandro Andreoni, introduced himself, shook our hands and made sure everything about our first visit was on point. You could tell he had passion for the restaurant and the food (and given his strong Italian accent, it was obvious why the food was authentic).

Overall, I’d highly recommend visiting +39. I can’t wait until I’m in Ames again so I can talk my hubby into going back!


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