Linden Landing: New Trail Stop on the Raccoon River Valley Trail

linden landing trailIt’s May and that means Bike Month in Iowa! Which is awesome because…Iowa is the trails capital of the world! Did you know that? It’s a little know fact. Seriously, Google it.

But, I digress…The bike trail system in Iowa is growing and connecting more and more of Iowa including a new family-owned business, Linden Landing.

“We’ve been avid bicyclists for several years and have enjoyed the many trails sprouting up across Iowa,” said Tim Bolten, co-owner/manager of the new business. “For the past couple years, we’ve looked for an opportunity to participate in Iowa’s growing bicycling community and trail system. That opportunity presented itself in Linden, Iowa along the Raccoon River Valley Trail.”

This past January, Tim and his family bought five acres of land that straddle the Raccoon River Valley Trail on the northern edge of Linden and started a business called Linden Landing. The family is currently in the process of developing the land into a biking destination located approximately 6 miles southeast of Panora and 16 miles west of Adel.

“Linden Landing is unique in its large, open space and its direct proximity to the trail,” said Bolten. “It lends itself to hosting large groups and special events. It makes for an ideal location to start and/or end a group bike ride, or to stop for a break as you make your way around the trail loop. We’re already working with several groups to host events along the trail this summer and looking for others.”

Linden Landing is a work-in-progress with major potential. Check out the Linden Landing website for updates on their progress and a full schedule of events.

Support Linden Landing with Spikes for Bikes

Help Linden Landing get up and going by supporting their local volleyball tournament, “Spikes for Bikes,” on May 31, 2014 – the perfect way to end Bike Month in Iowa!  The tournament will be held at The Sands Volleyball Club in Des Moines and is 6-on-6 co-ed play.  Teams are allowed to register up to 12 players.

Tournament proceeds will be used to pay for public and private improvements along the Raccoon River Valley Trail in Linden. Register for Spikes for Bikes and support this up-and-coming trail stop!


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