“Hot Piece of Brass” to Jazz Up the Salisbury House

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Birthday cake, live jazz music, 1920’s attire and throwback cocktails. Dang, I love themed party! And what could be better than a jazz-era speakeasy-themed party? Answer: nothing. Dare I say…it could be the bee’s knees?

Salisbury House & Gardens is honoring jazz legend Louis Armstrong by celebrating his 113th birthday in the historic house. The birthday celebration “Hot Piece of Brass” (awesome name, right?) will be held on Saturday, August 2, from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. The event is hosted by the Salisbury House Young Professionals (SHYP).

Tickets are only $25 for SHYP members and $30 for non-members in advance ($30/$35 at the door). The ticket price includes two cocktails, appetizers, a chance to win a pair of tickets to Gatsby Gala (so. much. fun.), and admission to the next day’s Louis Armstrong Birthday Bash picnic from 2 to 5 p.m. Purchase tickets here!

In honor of the upcoming event, here are some of my favorite 1920’s slang terms (that you can rock at the event):

  1. The bee’s knees or the cat’s pajamas = the best
  2. Get a wiggle on = get going or get a move on
  3. Hip to the jive = trendy
  4. Oh, horsefeathers! = darn / dang it!
  5. Putting on the ritz = doing something with high style
  6. Clam = a dollar (money)
  7. Wiggle water = alcoholic beverage, booze
  8. Heebie-jeebies = the shakes or apprehension towards a person or thing
  9. Hooch = bootleg liquor
  10. Juice joint = a speakeasy
  11. Zozzled, fried, ossified = drunk
  12. You slay me! = you’re hilarious!

Don your 1920’s best (or whatever you can dance in), sling a little bit of Prohibition-era slang and head to the Salisbury House in celebration of Satchmo.

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