Flix Brewhouse Des Moines: Review and Newbie Tips

Flix Brewhouse Des Moines

I crossed the first item off of my 2015 Des Moines bucket list on Saturday night! Exciting times! I hit up the new Flix Brewhouse in Des Moines with my husband and my friend, Angela. We were all excited to check out this unique theater experience in Des Moines. Unfortunately, my first Flix Brewhouse experience didn’t meet my expectations. (Don’t you hate when that happens?) Maybe I was too excited…maybe I had too high of expectations…or maybe they just need to focus a little more on the customer experience. They have a great location and facility, but the customer experience lacked attention to detail.

Although, not all was lost on our first trip to Flix. I’ve come away with a few tips and recommendations that I wish I had known going into the experience.

Order tickets in advance online. You can order tickets in advance via the Flix Brewhouse website and they will be emailed to you. No waiting in lines and you don’t need to print your ticket. Pull up the email and ticket information on your phone and you’re set! The seating is assigned (just like on an airplane) and it was difficult to find many options for groups larger than two when we purchased tickets from the kiosks 45 minutes before the show.

EmAngLevFlixDon’t wait in line. We made the mistake of waiting in “line” for the movie after purchasing our tickets. Unfortunately, we didn’t know they start seating the theater just as airlines do – back to front. Therefore, we were in Row C and we were one of the last sections to be seated (at about 6:55 p.m. and the move started at 7:00 p.m.). It’s frustrating watching a bunch of people getting into the theatre before you when you are at the front of the line. It almost made me feel like we were waiting to board a plane…not a great feeling! Tip: There is a board behind the ticket kiosk counter that showcases what rows are being seated which is helpful.

Grab a drink before you go into the theater. I wish we would have avoided the line and gone to the bar outside of the theater to grab a drink and relax before going into the theater. (They have a handful of their own brews and the prices are decent.) Instead, we ordered drinks after being seated and waited 25 minutes for our drinks to arrive.

Expect to wait a while. Dining while watching a move is a cool concept, but it took forever to get the items we ordered. I was expecting the experience to be like a restaurant, in both service and speed, but it wasn’t. We waited 25 minutes for our drinks to arrive and 75 minutes for our food to arrive. On a positive note, the food was better than I was expecting. The fries were my favorite part. Crispy, warm and salty.

Ask for extras when you order. At your seat there is a little button that you can push to alert your server that you need service. It took about 15 minutes to get service after we pushed the button, so I would recommend asking for napkins, silverware, condiments and refills all at once.

Sit in the back of the theater. Seating and food orders seemed to be taken from the back to the front and the people who were seated first (back of the theater) had more time before the movie started to order. I wouldn’t recommend sitting any closer than Row D. When we purchased our tickets, we didn’t have the option to sit any closer than Row C. It wasn’t horrible, but I would have been more comfortable further back.

After reading that you’re probably thinking, “Wow, she really hated that place!” While I was disappointed, I really, really like the concept of Flix Brewhouse and I hope they succeed in Des Moines. The theater was clean, the prices weren’t crazy and the food was good. It wasn’t all bad. I promise. I need to go back and give them a second try!

Have you been to Flix yet? Did you have a similar experience or different?



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  2. Nick Lucs

    I think the service has really improved since they have opened. I was there last Friday and the service was speedy. In fact, we had drinks, appetizer, and our entrees out before the movie started. 🙂

    The only thing I think they should do is add a little reminder in the screen to let you know when the orders will be ending soon. I wanted to get some dessert but realized it was too late when I got my receipt.

    Here is my little write up for Flix Brewhouse: http://www.desmoinesfoodster.com/2016/02/07/flix-brewhouse-des-moines-food/


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